31 Oct. 21

How to Maintain Your Sewer and Drain Line

Every home has a plumbing system that is the heart of the home. Running water to drink, cook with, wash clothes with, bathe with, flush the toilet, and more is one of the most important features of a home. All that water, once used, must be routed away from the home. So, every home has a plumbing system of two parts. One brings clean safe water to the home and the other drains dirty water away from the home. If either set of pipes has a problem, the plumbing system comes to a messy halt and must be repaired.

Plumbing System Problems and Getting Help

Every homeowner should find a reliable plumbing company such as LaVerne’s Plumbing & Heating to call on when there is a plumbing problem. It is a good practice to have a list of phone numbers for repair companies for every home system so when trouble comes, there are reliable people to contact without searching the phone book or internet and taking a chance on reliability.

When you first become aware of a plumbing problem, call a trusted plumber. Most sewer and drain line problems will not go away, they will get worse fast. Soon there will be dirty water backing up into the house and then it is an emergency. The family will not be able to use any appliance that uses water until the problem is fixed. What if the plumber does not have an opening until several days from now?

If a family had a plumbing problem become noticeable on Friday of Labor Day weekend and they could not get a plumber to help them until Tuesday of the next week, things could be uncomfortable. It would be a very awkward weekend with no one being able to use the shower, sinks, or toilet. In the future, they will pay closer attention to their drainage system.

Maintaining Your Sewer Line

The best way a homeowner can maintain their sewer line and drain lines is to avoid these common mistakes.

  • Avoid using harsh chemical drain-clearing solutions. These chemical solutions can harm the home’s drain pipes. This can lead to holes and leaks in the pipes. The solutions seldom remove the entire clog, so more action will be needed soon. It’s far better to use a plumbing snake or hire a plumber to use one.
  • Putting the wrong things down the drain pipes causes clogs and damage. Do not put chemicals, food scraps, grease, hair, paint, paper towels, feminine products, eggshells, coffee grounds, and things like rubber bands, dental floss, and cigarette buts down the drains.
  • Neglecting putting screens over drains in showers and tubs, and kitchen sinks. Screens can catch all sorts of things that do not belong down drains. they can be cleaned easily.
  • Keeping too high water pressure. High water pressure can shorten the life of plumbing pipes.
  • Not softening hard water can cause mineral build-up in pipes restricting water flow and shortening the life of plumbing pipes.
  • Planting trees or shrubs too close to drainage lines. These roots can invade the drainage lines, causing clogs and shortening the life of the pipes.
  • Using an exposed plumbing pipe as a hanging rod for laundry. This can stress the pipe and loosen the plumbing joints and fasteners.
  • Leaving hoses attached to outside faucets during the winter can cause frozen water in pipes.
  • Not insulating exposed pipes in cold areas, such as garages, crawlspaces, or basements, can lead to frozen pipes and indoor floods during cold spells in the winter.

More Plumbing Maintenance Advice

There are things every homeowner can do to help their plumbing system stay in good shape.

  • If there may be a leak from the toilet tank into the bowl, try using red food coloring in the tank and wait an hour or so to see if it goes into the toilet bowl. If there is a leak, you will need to replace the tank ball to stop the leak.
  • When a toilet looks like it is about to overflow, try buying some time by opening the tank and pushing the flush valve down to stop the water flow.
  • Keep the shower heads clean by removing them and soaking them in vinegar to remove mineral deposits. It may take soaking for as much as 24 hours. If the shower heads are still clogged, replace them.
  • Don’t neglect the water heater. Sediments can build up in the bottom of the water heater and reduce its efficiency, and the tank can rust out. This should be done once a year.
  • Inspect for leaky faucets, running toilets, and corroded or rusty pipes developing leaks and get them repaired so they do not cost money in water bills.
  • Periodically flush the plumbing system by filling all the water-holding appliances with cold water and then drain all at once and flush all the toilets as quickly as possible.
  • Periodically use an enzyme-based drain cleaning product to clean the plumbing system

In addition to all the things a homeowner can do to maintain their plumbing system, it is important to have a relationship with a reliable plumbing company for those occasional plumbing emergencies. A good plumbing company can also periodically inspect a home’s plumbing system for problems and repair them before they cause an emergency.

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