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High-pressure water jetting is a real cost-effective solution to clean sewers when replacement is difficult or expensive. Clogged drains can be remedied using water jetting. As a cost-effective solution to quickly and effectively clearing drains, you can get your sewer lines moving again quickly. We specialize in professional water jetting services so you can save money and avoid a costly sewers line replacement.

Camera Work

Camera Work

Sewer camera allows owners to actually locate where the sewer line runs but also inside the sewer line showing conditions and problems.

Sewer Equipment

From high strength inner core cables to pipe bursting machines that allow for the installation of sewers without trenching, we have the complete line of tools to get the job done!


Sewer Equipment

Drains & Sewers

LaVergne’s Plumbing & Heating is the number one provider of sewer line services in Bellingham, Anacortes, Ferndale and Vernon, WA, and the surrounding areas. We offer the comprehensive sewer and drain services our customers need. From detecting the source of a blockage, to sewers water line replacement, we are the sewer experts you can depend on.


Sewer Camera Work

We utilize advanced technology and the most accurate sewer cameras to detect the cause of a clogged or broken sewer line. Not only does the camera allow us to detect the location of the sewer line, but we can also effectively diagnose any problems occurring within the sewer lines for speedy repairs.


State of the Art Sewer Equipment

LaVergne’s Plumbing & Heating delivers quality services using state-of-the-art sewer equipment. We utilize a wide range of tools to complete each job effectively including high-strength inner core cables and pipe-bursting machines that allow for the installation of sewers without the need for trenching.

Our family-owned-and-operated company is here for all of your drain and sewer needs.


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