19 Dec. 16

James Haney

I for one do not look forward to calling for professional help having had my share of rip offs, disappointments and scams. So it was with more than a bit of trepidation that I finally forced myself to deal with a drainage problem I have with rain water backing up and flooding my garage. After going online and searching around I decided I would go with LaVergne Plumbing. What a pleasant surprise. I made an appointment for them to come and look at my problem and was kept informed of when to expect the fellow to arrive when there was a hold up on another job. None of this letting you sit around waiting, it was like they realized my time was important too. Tim was courteous, informed and willing to talk over different approaches to solving my problem and gave me advice on what I could do myself before he came back to keep cost down. He told me of their special for new customers that I didn’t know about that saved me a good amount right there.
Two days later he arrived right on time, ran his rooter through the line and while it was doing its thing I was able to track it under the lawn to mark out where it ran, nowhere near where I thought it was. He then ran a camera through and made a video that we watched as it went through the line and I even got a copy emailed to me later. Neither of us where really happy with the flow after all this but between us came up with a plan I could pursue on my own which I did the next day which allowed me to quickly find and remove a stoppage that was out of reach of the previous attempts, something like a 100 feet away. Now I have a free running drain and peace of mind and pleasant memories of my experience with LaVergne Plumbing. I wouldn’t hesitate to call them in the future and recommend them to anyone.