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Hot Water is a Special Work That is in Our Blood!

So many folks will avoid using hot water at the tap to try and save money… When there is this energy-consuming monster hot water tank racking up energy bills in the garage.

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Water Heater Considerations

Choosing a Replacement Water Heater

In some instances, it doesn’t make financial sense to repair your unit.  If your heater is close to the 15 year mark, it may be smart to replace it.

As you consider a new water heater, you’ll have several decisions to make. Not all water heaters are created equal. One decision you’ll need to make is whether you get a tankless water heater or a traditional tank water heater.

Both types of water heater perform the same basic function. Namely, they supply your household with hot water. They go about it in different ways. A heater with a tank will store a certain capacity of hot water. Usually, this is 40 or 50 gallons. A tankless water heater doesn’t store water. Instead, it quickly heats water on demand, though a system of heating coils.

Traditional Tank Water Heaters

  • PRO: Installation is much quicker.
  • PRO: The tank can store a large volume of water.
  • CON: The water is heated and stored, even when hot water is not being used.
  • CON: The tank occupies more physical space in your house.
  • CON: To install it, you need an indoor location with an elevated platform.
  • CON: Tank-style water heaters usually don’t as long as tankless ones do.

Tankless Water Heaters

  • PRO: With a tankless, factory-installed circulation pump you can save up to 25% in energy cost.
  • PRO: Tankless water heaters experience just 5 percent energy loss, compared to 30 percent loss for traditional tank-style ones.
  • PRO: You’ll always have an endless supply of hot water when needed.
  • PRO: You can install a tankless water heater almost anywhere, even outside.
  • PRO: Tankless water heaters tend to last longer, sometimes up to 30 years, with proper maintenance.
  • PRO: Tankless water heaters take up less physical space.
  • CON: Due to the quality of the equipment, tankless water heaters can have more upfront installation costs. 
  • CON: Installation should be done by a professional plumber.
  • CON: High-demand hot water usage should be scheduled. 

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LaVergne Plumbing & Heating is working in a fourth generation of plumbing tradition, with roots dating back to 1951.

Common Water Heater Problems

Do you have a leaky water heater? If so, you’ll likely know it soon. Water will quickly spread out across your garage or utility room. (Or wherever you keep your hot water heater.)

Leaks tend to happen to units that are old and on their last legs. Most of the time, the issue cannot be repaired. You’ll just need to have the unit replaced.

To prevent flooding, you may want to turn off the water supply. And, make sure you call a professional plumbing company ASAP.

One of the most obvious problems is that you’re just not getting enough hot water. One possible reason is that the unit is undersized. Hot water heaters come with different tank sizes to accommodate different sizes of house/family. If you consistently have too little hot water, it may be because your heater is just too small. Replacing it with a larger unit may be the best way forward.

Sometimes, water heaters can yield water that has an unusual aroma to it. Likewise, your water may come out looking discolored. Both are causes for worry, but what are the underlying issues? And how can they be fixed?

The issue may be with the water source. Pay attention to the smell and/or discoloration. Do they happen only with cold water? If so, then it’s a water source issue. You can fix this problem by installing a whole-house water filter. You’ll likely need a professional plumber to help with this.

But what if the problem is exclusively with hot water? If that’s the case, then the issue is with your tank. Something inside has started to corrode. There may be a reaction between the anode rod and sulfur in the water.

First, consider whether yours is a gas-powered water heater. If so, then the issue you’re looking at it probably gas related. It could be that the pilot light is faulty and needs to be replaced.

If you have an electric water heater, the problem is likely with the heating element. Replacing a water heating element is a relatively small job. This is something a Lavergne’s plumber can help you with. Then, you’ll be back in business, with more than enough hot water.

What does it mean when your water heater tank makes a lot of racket? A noisy tank could point to a few potential problems. Chances are, you’re dealing with one or more of these issues:

  • Parts inside the tank have either contracted or expanded.
  • Minerals and hard water scales have built up inside the tank.

There are a couple of ways to remedy this. First, have a magnesium or aluminum anode rod placed at the top of the tank. And second, make sure you’re in the habit of draining your tank 1 time per year minimum.

Now, you may sometimes hear what sounds like a boiling noise coming from your unit. This is a different kind of hot water heater problem. What it means is that your unit is overheating. You may have a dangerous build-up of pressure. Make sure you call a plumber ASAP to look at it.

A Warm Shower is a Call Away!

Hot Water

So many folks will avoid using hot water at the tap to try and save money… When there is this energy-consuming monster hot water tank racking up energy bills in the garage.

Unwittingly we feed the monster by trying to minimize usage and “save” the hot water tank.

When we install a new hot water system in our customer’s homes… We hear all the time:

“… this is the first time in 10 years that I can use my soaker tub.”

“… I have never been able to use my shower in the back bedroom. Now, where do I store all that stuff that was stashed in the shower?”

“… I received my first less than $20 utility bill ever!”

“… so wonderful to never run out of hot water.”

“… I never imagined using hot water guilt-free and having it work so smoothly, with such a small utility bill.

Water heater services

  • Repairs
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Installation
  • Residential and commercial


What is the difference between Tankless and Tank Water Heaters? 

A traditional tank water heater will continuously store and heat water during those hours you don’t need hot water — it uses precious energy and burns money from your household budget. A tankless heater brings hot water on demand. It stops running when you don’t need it — they’re designed to save energy.

Can I make my tank-style hot water system more efficient? 

Tank saver install is a cost-effective solution for increasing usable hot water capacity on an existing tank or a new high-efficiency water heater. Adding a Tank saver mixing valve to a water heater allows water to be stored at a higher temperature, but safely delivered at 120°F (49°C) to all outlets. The valve mixes both hot and cold water, which increases the tank’s water capacity. It also reduces the chances of legionella growth by allowing the thermostat to be set at 140°F.

Circulation systems and insulation help reduce wasted water and heat.

Water Heaters

LaVergne’s Plumbing & Heating offers hot water heater-repair services and replacements so you can always have the hot water you need. We proudly provide outstanding services in Bellingham, Anacortes, Ferndale and Vernon, WA, and the surrounding areas.

When the hot water heater malfunctions showers are uncomfortable and the dishwasher and washing machine can’t function as efficiently. We understand how to repair hot water heaters of all makes and models. We offer fast and effective repairs to restore your water heater and ensure your comfort and convenience.


Water Heater Replacements

Our water heater specialists understand how to help you select the most efficient hot-water heater for your home. They have spent hours in training on installation techniques and product knowledge to help homeowners find the best hot-water heater solutions. Whether you are interested in tankless hot-water heaters or you need an affordable replacement, we can help you to choose the right option for your needs.

Our locally-owned-and-operated company provides a fast, 24-hour turnaround to help you get the quick repair services you need in an emergency. When your water heater breaks down, you can trust our skilled and experienced specialists to help you restore or replace your equipment at affordable rates. Let our family-owned-and-operated company provide the trusted hot water heater repair and replacement services your family needs.


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